Les concours

Tric Trac vous propose des concours sans obligation d'achat. Ces concours sont organisés avec des partenaires. Participer à ces concours implique l'acceptation de ce règlement.

Contest description

Contests are held online. Only answers submitted via the correct digital form will be taken into account. Only complete replies will be taken into account.

The contest is in the form of multiple choice questions. The Subsidiary question is used as a tie breaker for those who have found the correct answers to the main questions and the participant who gives the closest answer to the subsidiary question will be considered the winner. If more than one participant finds the correct answer to the subsidiary question, the one who answered first will be considered the winner. The full time of submission is taken into account (date, hours, minutes, and seconds). Should there be any doubts; the reference number from the database will be taken into account.

Who can take part?

Minors are allowed to participate with the strict consent of their parents or legal guardians. Tric Trac reserves the right to verify that this permission was given and, if found to be contradictory, to award the prize to the participant in second place.

Providing a correct, active email address is obligatory. Only one entry can be made per email address. Maximum of one winner per postal address. If you are one of the lucky winners, Tric Trac or our contest partner will contact you via the email that you submitted along with your contest entry. You then have 15 days to reply to email with your postal address in order to receive your prize. If you do not reply within 15 days, Tric Trac reserves the right to re run the contest, give the prize to another participant, etc.


For certain contests, subscribers may be allowed priority or late entry.

Les Lots

Dans la grande majorité des concours, les lots sont fournis et envoyés par nos partenaires. Tric Trac et Flat Prod ne peuvent être tenu pour responsable de la qualité des lots, des retards dans les envoies, des pièces manquantes, du SAV et autres mécontentements.


Tric Trac reserves the right to cancel or invalidate a contest.

Freedom of information

The information collected by participating in a Tric Trac contest may eventually be used for commercial ends or given to a third party if you have ticked the corresponding box. In accordance with the French law of 06.01.1978, you can oppose this and exercise your right to access or correct this information by specifying it on the contest form (by un-ticking the box) or by writing to Tric Trac, 17 rue des Grands Champs, 45000 Orléans, France.

Contact us

e-mail : concours@trictrac.net

Telephone : 02 38 53 52 97

Postal address : Concours Tric Trac, 17 rue des Grands Champs. 45000 Orléans. France